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Terror on Talus

"I Crit You Not"

Thousands of years ago, the land of Talus was nearly obliterated. Fire scorched the land and sky, as the massive dragon, Lavos, tried to engulf the planet on its quest to dominate and cleanse the multiverse through burning. Four fierce female heroes: Hinon, Umatu, Rork, and Sartina; with the power of Bahamut, the dragon deity of Light, were able to defeat Lavos, encasing his evil soul into four large crystals that were designed to not only contain the evil, but purify it and use it to heal and revitalize the planet. Alas, the four heroes had to sacrifice their own souls for this to work. Their love, and their power, and their compassion are what is fueling the life giving crystals. Now, life is flourishing in the four cities of Talus, named in honor of the four selfless Heroes of the Scorch. Little are the citizens aware that a sinister cult called the Legion of Lavos has formulated a way to summon Lavos and finish the cleanse of the multiverse, becoming a deity of destruction. Who will step up to save the cosmos this time? 

The Urantia Expedition

You are a Light Bringer! A celestial explorer that brings Light, Love, and Hope to the farthest reaches of the universe, while extinguishing the black holes of Fear. There is a planet called Urantia that has been severely compromised by Fear and if that planetary system gets consumed, it will set off a chain reaction of black holes that will obliterate trillions of years of evolutionary progress. You must plant the Seed of Light and Love in the Prism Cortex of Urantia before it is completely corrupted. Now choose your Soul Infusion Module(SIM) to unlock special abilities for your journey.

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January 15, 2020

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